vintage noisless maybe... or if you want something even crunchier the tex mex's (blues pick ups but they can get a good rock/punk tone)
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Well you have alot of options. Id recommend you first look under the pickguard to see if the bridge is routed for a humbucker. If it is your best bet would be installing a high output humbucker like a seymour duncan JB, or dimarzio tone zone, anything thats got some power to it. If your guitar is only routed for SSS then just get some mini-sized humbuckers.

Check out the tone wizard and pickup guides on seymour duncans and dimarzios site, theyll give you a good idea of what goes well with what.

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DiMarzio Choppers across the board, or a Chopper/Fast Track 2 rig. They get a sound close to a full-size humbucker but with a little bit of bite.
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Go to this site


Go to the pickup picker in the bottom right corner. and follow the prompts. that will give you a basic idea of what you wanna get. then look for similar pickups from other brand or dimarzio
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My budget ranges from anywhere from 0-100 Bucks, and I use the Behringer V-Ampire.
i think people would recommend to grab more money and to upgrade the amp to get more of a better sound out of the guitar