Anyway I'm starting to get into some more bluesy stuff and I want to learn how to play some of it myself, and I have a couple of questions.

I saw a few useful posts when I searched through here but I didn't find any links to any good pages full of information or anything like that.. any ideas? I tried google but it doesn't hurt to ask.

I saw a few lessons floating around but I want to see if I can find any more, so if you send a few my way I'd appreciate it =p

Also, any good guitarists to listen to/learn to play as I try to delve into this genre? Right now I'm hooked on John Mayer Trio, which (though admittedly sorta poppy, which I happen to like) kinda turned me onto the style.

Thanks a lot.
for straight up electric blues look at BB King, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins, Albert King, Freddie King...for acoustic blues check out Robert Johnson, Blind Willie McTell, Son House...for more blues-rock listen to Angus Young (AC/DC), Slash (GnR), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Eric Clapton
i don't want to dis you here, but if you really want to get into blues, get john mayer outta your head. sorry, but you're going to have to go further back than that. The most important thing about learning the blues is listening. go to whatever record store or online store you like and listen to the blues. the real stuff. good.

look up the "blues scale" and blues progressions. if you can't find something on the internet with those tags then your not on the same internet i am. but be warned, just learing a minor pentatonic witha flat fifth and a 12 bar blues won't truly show you what blue is.

do some research on the internet about the blues and you'll come to understand its origins and the huge effect it has had on all the music to follow it.

I really hope you're able to find what the blues means to you, and understand the greatness of all.
What I suggest to anyone who is out to learn the blues is to do it the real way. Listen to the greats (see post above) and then play. This is probably the one time I reccomend forgetting about theory. The basis of this music has nothing to do with our white man ivory towers.

Listen, feel, play. Do as they did
Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
Granted, I'm a big fan of BB, Freddie, Clapton, House, Hooker, and SRV, I don't think that John Mayer is doing a bad thing.

He's integrating blues back into popular culture, and having a big part in reviving a beautiful music lost in metal and hip-hop.

If you like John Mayer, listen to him (I do, and he gets better all the time), but his sound came from listening to his idols. Do some research (the posts above are good examples) but don't think that Mayer hasn't done a great thing for blues and rock.
Wow! Necrobump. I thought it was Night posting for real. . In future I'd try to avoid bringing such old threads back.
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