Well, today was my first day practicing with a band, and this is a band that has been together for quite a while (guitarst 7 yrs, bass like 4?, drums 3?, and vocals some months) and they've been playing small gigs at bars. The guitarist started considering getting another guitarist to back him up and they let my try out. Though this guys graduated from my school last year (i'm still a senior), i don't know them except for the bassist (who wasn't there today)and the sound technician. Well, after practicing for like almost 4 hours and then playing video games and getting pizza, the tech dude and i left. He thinks I'm "in" since when we were gonna play videogames they started thinking of a nickname for me (they have nicknames for the band members). Also, the guitarist told me that he'll inform me of the next practice session. And finally, they kinda liked my playing, at least the sound of two guitars.

Do you think that i'm really "in" the band now after that?
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Quoting yourself is cool.

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be confident. and id assume youd be "in" the band if youre going to another practice. just keep up the good playing...
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your prolly in, because it seemed like they opened up to you a little, bit, just take it practice by practice, if you aren't all the way in, and just keep playing good
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Quoting yourself is cool.

WARNING: I kill threads.
you played video games with them... you must be in
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I think you're in. Congrats.
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