gday fellas
this is my first thread on this site and im sorry but im afraid it's another one of those annoying "help what amp should i buy" threads
here is my situation...
im 16 and in a pretty stock standard rock/punk band but we usually dont get much time to practise and havent played any real gigs yet. however we may be getting some soon and im desperate for a new amp. i only have a small practise amp at home but when our band practises i use our drummers dad's amp which is this old rusty 80 watt thing. however that is on its last legs so i need a new one.

the 80 watts from our drummers dads amp seemed to just about be loud enough to compete with vocals, drums and 2 guitars but i think a little bigger wouldnt hurt. although our guitarests only have a 25 watter (louder than you would expect though) and a 30 watt valve amp (seems to be about as loud as an 80ish watt amp.

also i only have about $1000 (aussie dollars folks) so that is about as much as i can spend.

i went to a music store today and the only one the guy recomended was the hartke VX3500 combo (it is $ 1,299 australian). i wouldnt have thought i needed something this big as its 350 watts and it is a little out of my price range.

anyway, i would like to know what sought of amps you guys would recomend. also do you really think i would need 350 watts (and yes im aware bass amps do need more watts but 350!)

any help would be greatly appreciated

I think You will only need somewhere around a 100-120ish at the moment, but you could go ahead and buy the 350 as an investment in the future. But your guitarest are probbally going to need to upgrade soon anyway. But I'm not sure what the conversion for Aussie to American money is, so i'm not going to say anything on the price.
From what I've found, bigger is better when it comes to bass amps

Try talking the guy to a better price on the Hartke and buy that if it has the sound your going for.

Have you tried looking for a used rig? You might find that very amp, in excellent condition for half of what it is new, and with the money you saved you could buy some other useful bits and pieces.

Good luck to you
Hey man,

There are some excellent things you can find second hand (trading post) for that price range. Otherwise there are some decent SWR 60-100 watt things, beringher (hit or miss technology it seems) is cheap and nasty. If you save up a little more you could grab some eden nemesis gear which from what I hear is the shiz nit. Also if you go to stores often they will cut deals and you can talk them down the price ($200 off $1000 RRP is what happened to me). Otherwise check some sites remeber to go to a bass specialist store, I dont know what part of Australia your in but in Melbourne there is the bass centre which is hawt. Avoid allans, they rip you hard.
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Well in about 3 weeks I'm getting a Hartke HA250 and VX410. Thats a 250W stack for $1100. If you've got that amount of money you may be better off going for a stack rather than a combo, easier to upgrade or add to.
^ Yea, and for about $1400 you can get a Hartke HA3500 and a VX115. So stacks aren't that expensive, and will last longer.
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thanks for the help guys
"nosebleedkid" i am from melbourne and will definatley sheck out the bass centre
Excellent, the guys there are champs and they cut amazing deals. I also found the people that helped me have always been sincere, not typical salesmen.