I have an Ibanez RG570 that I want to spice up a bit by changing the pickups (H-S-H system). I have been considering Seymour Duncan pickups but decided that they are perhaps a bit too trebly for me, so I have landed on DiMarzio Evolution Neck + Bridge. The only problem is that you can?t get a Evolution single coil. And yes, I am aiming for a Steve Vai sound. So what single coil should I combine with these humbuckers? I would prefer them NOT to be noiseless (weird but you got it right) because then I don?t have to change the switch. If people in here start , I might ? just might ? reconsider. - wow there is a lot of smileys in here rock on.
Well back to the point. I have mainly been looking at a DiMarzio for the single coil, and wondered whether the Red Velvet would perhaps fit? Any ideas?
Hope this post makes any sense at all, it?s getting late.
what amp do you use? that would be the basis of your sound. and im not too sure on the evo single since they said it would be released but dont know when
Right now I only use a small Hughes and Kettner combo :P
But I'm aiming for a marshall stack once I get the money. Don't know wich model yet.