The only reason i really put this new thread on
is because i wanna know what you guy's think of Megadeth?
love them.

there probably is a megadeth thread, go there (search it).


- Syd Barrett
- Dimebag
- Chuck Schuldiner
- Cliff Burton
- Metallica
- Jimi Hendrix

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full baked i love how ur sig says R.I.P metallica lol.

Captive Honour > You
Symphony Of Destruction > You
Skin O' My Teeth > You AND Me!

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the best album is Rust in Peace, I was shocked that every song on there isn't on the greatest hits
every song on RIP > every song not on RIP
i just made a fact
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are you allowed to talk, aug. '06er?

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I hope I don't get sigged.

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