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Voters: 21.
I've just been staring at the new Limited edition Dirty Blonde Thumb. I'm sure there's a few Warwick fans in this forum so i thought i'd start a little discussion on them.

-What will it sound like? is there any way we can get a sound sample?

-How limited? I personally want one but i won't have that kind of cash for another 6-9 months

-Beauty or a Beast: Do you think this thing is hideous or sexy?

I thought this thread might entertain some people as i'm sure most of us are sick of "what bass/amp should i buy" threads. Have fun
Honestly? It's a Ltd edition bass from Warwick. It's probably already sold out, those things go like hot cakes. I would contact Warwick and ask if they still have any in stock before you start saving up for it.

Also remember that the bass you get, will probably look (relatively) nothing like the one on the page. No two pieces of wood look exactly the same.
personally i dont like it, ive seen better warwicks and the pups do seem to be badly located for my taste
but then thats just me if you like it i say go ahead and buy it