hi guys, im a newbie as you can tell and i need some help. Im having trouble muting the guitar when switching frets from finger to finger.

This is from bhd's post :

Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple:

Im having trouble moving my finger if its on the same string cause when i move my finger off 3 to get to 5, theres sort of a hammeron sound. So what i need is a way to either mute the chord while i move from 3 to 5 or perhaps im playing it all wrong, cause when i move to the 5th fret, the sound from the previous fret is still playing. I tried looking up muting but turns out its a different thing.
your not just using 1 finger are you? i would use my 1,3,4 fingers, 1st for the 3's, 3rd for the 5's, and 4th for the 6's..
so basically it gets muted as i put my other finger on the other fret. ooooooooh fancy.
well thanks, my fingers still cant reach sigh. Any tips on getting my hand used to weird positions ?

also thanks for the reply
Try this warm up to help stretch and build your fretting hand dexterity


Continue that pattern up the neck
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