hi i have a few hundred quid left from buying my marshall yesterday and was hoping if any of you guys new wich wah was the most vocal sounding wah for around 100-200 pounds?
weeell u could go for a talk box wah if u wanted to sound really talky, duno how much they cost tho.

...plus they have been known to cause throat cancer on occasion but im sure thats just due to extreme over use *shrugs*
The mark tremonti wah is a very vocal sounding one, you may want to check it out.
the most vocal sounding wah is probably satch's custom one but i doubt you or anyone else for that matter can afford it..... another good one is the dunlop rack mounted wah, but in your price range probabaly a 530Q? seeing as you can really shape the tone with the dials etc.......
its an incredibley heavy modded dunlop, nothing like a stock one!

i use a bad horsie 2, VERY vocal, i suggest you try one
My friend told me the Bad Horsie 2 is the best wah he has tried, said it had great control. I use a Dunlop Crybaby and it's just a mediocre wah, look into Vox or Morley.
High as tits