any way of making acoustic strings not so squeaky when sliding up and down fretboard?
Try using Elixirs.
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forget elixers, lol, nah just kidding allthough i personally dont like the plasticy feel, just keep on playin bro its all about the amount of pressure and how you slide no matter what kind of strings you have
FastFret seems to lessen the squeal a bit, plus it keeps your strings from getting all crusty.
Classical teachers would probably tell you to lift your finger slightly before you slide (unless you're actually trying to slide the note!). It's a technique classical guitarists have to learn (and it's not easy!), especially when playing quiet pieces as finger noise can sound dreadful.
hehehe i knew someone would mention technique, i should have put a note to forget technique in the OP.

im talking when sliding etc.
Flat wounds don't really sound that good on an acoustic...

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^^11's will be fine... i normally use 12's (not elixirs) but it'll be ok. btw, am i the only one who loves that squeaky sound?
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^^Nah, I think it actually fits into some music. If it's timed right and between the right notes, I don't know, somehow it just gives the music a different dimension.
Sometimes it sucks though... .
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Used to be something called string ease that supposedly help. But there is no way to eliminate all the noise without modifying your technique. Sorry.
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I've found that Dr Stringfellow helps quite a lot. It cleans th strings, and they slide under your figers. But generally, just live with it. Or, yes, change your technique. Cheers
This actually works...

While my last band was in the studio recording, before we started recording our acoustic pieces, this old engineer guy told us to go get a bucket and fill it with warm-hot water and soak our fingers in it for about a half hour. We had very little noise while we were tracking after doing that.