what are some good scales for soloing for heavy rock and metal.

i want to learn some so i can make up solos and just learn them and increase the speed so i get faster!!!
i already know that 1!
is that a widely used one in hard rock and metal?
you can use most scales for metal... if you want sum really dark sounding scales then choose the Locrian mode....

Locrian Mode-

E|-|-o-|-o-|---|-o-|---| o's indicate frets in the scale...
B|-|---|-o-|---|-o-|---| you can apply this anywhere on the fretboard.

Theres loads of other modes aswell that you mite find useful. (modes are all comprised from the major scale)

also try sum blues and minor scales, there simple and very effective. I cant really recomend any specific scales, it really depends on the song. U shud look up sum scales guides for a complete list of scales and ideas.

Hope this gives you sum ideas
jimi hendrix, jimmy page, jeff beck, eric clapton, kirk hammett, james hetfeild, and I believe a fair few of the early metal bands, as well as zakk whylde as use pentatonics a lot, if not exclusly.
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i want to be able to write riffs and solos like trivium, but i want to write stuff like ac cd aswell and i have no idea what to use
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Pentatonic Scale!!!

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so pentatonic is the best for solos? its a little boring isnt it?

but then again simple is better!
Add variety to it, more color and tone, you can use the relative major to get brighter and happier sound, you can do classical method a'la baroque, pinch harmonics, incorporate arpeggios and sweeps, tons you can do.
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i want to be able to write riffs and solos like trivium, but i want to write stuff like ac cd aswell and i have no idea what to use

pentatonic and blues scales for AC/DC. for example, the solo in back in black is E minor blues scale i think...
First of all, I congratulate you for using the word 'learn' and not 'memorize'
as it goes

'Memorize for the low level thinking, Learn for the high level thinking, and Forget for the geniuses."

I usually use harmonic minor.
what does the harmonic minor scale look like? is it for metal or rock?

i will 'learn' it!!!
The harmonic minor can be used for nething!
It just depends on the way you play it!

Harmonic Minor Scale-


look that up. You can then transfere that all over the fretboard.
Actually, you should always use a mixture of modes and scales in your playing, unlike Yngay, phrygian+dorian fun.

Even in blues, you can use:
blues scale
harmonic minor
pentatonic minor+major+blues

And that's just scratching the surface.
Be different. Use major scale.
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so pentatonic is the best for solos? its a little boring isnt it?

but then again simple is better!

Do you know to play it in any key all the way up and down the fret board in each key or just in one position? Well if not here it is this is in the key of A but you can move it anywhere.

Complete Pentatonic Scale
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The secret to having your solos sound better, more melodic and interesting is:
Follow The Chords!

The nieve approach is pick a scale or scales, find the key and then try them out
to see if they work over the entire progression. The skilled approach is knowing
what chords are playing and coming up and using that to pick and choose your

There is no single scale that works for everything. You have to know when to use
them. If you are stuck in pentatonics, I'd highly recommend you learn maj & min
arpeggios up & down the neck (there are 5 positions) and practice doing that
over a progression. That shows you were the chord tones are and you can even
start mixing those in the pentatonic scale to make you solos immediately more

Hopefully, eventually you'd see that pentatonics plus the arpeggios are just
subsets of the major scale. When you start using the full major scale and its modes
it helps even more to know your arpeggios and eventually other scales.