Hey, I'm taking wood shop this year and I thought it would be cool to make an 8-string bass for my final. He won't let me make the body for it though because it's not something we "Went" over in class. So I'm making the Neck+Head this semester and the body next semester.

So I was wondering what kind of wood should I use for this project. I was thinking of following Rogue's type for the wood and everything, but how much is Canadian Hard Maple, and then Just put a Rosewood (Or mabye Purple Heart) Fret board.

I'm a little new to this so I just need a couple things cleared up fast. How much is this part of the procces going to cost me? Is the Neck+Head cut outta the same piece of wood? How much will the body cost me (Basswood)? And how much is it going to cost to get somebody to install the electronics? Or would it be easyier just to install them myself? (Or is that smart for someone who'd never done it before?)

Thanks in Advance.
An unpaired or a paired 8 string? Not even some of the best luthiers in the world would attempt a 8 string. You would need dual truss rods and specially designed pickups, Huge peices of wood etc.

If its a paired 8 string it could be a tad better. But tbh most guitars that are built in a woodshop class fail to materialise, this is speaking from experience of being a teaching student. Kids come up to me and ask me abut building a guitar and this has happened many times, They all have the best intentions and are very commited, And by the time it comes up to something hard like the truss rod they just start cutting corners and it ends up a mess.

How are you going to seat the frets? what fretwire will you be using? Whats the radius of the neck going to be? How are you going to install the truss rods? Which way would the truss rod be put in ? These are all good questions and to be honest I would just do a basic 4 string and see if you could actually build that first.

But to be honest, If you want to pass woodshop class then do something else thats less difficult. Every guitar project that was submitted to me i graded F because they never really had time/materials/money/know how To complete it.
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Although i built a guitar and got a B for it, you need to put ALOT of work into it to get it done...
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I don't see why a 8 string would be harder to build. Sure getting hold of hardware maybe more difficult/expensive.

If you are going to build it i would check the luthiery forum on extended range basssit
members there will be able to help you find parts and such.

Also the electronics are pretty easy on guitars unless you get into making your own active preamp and such. Give it a go before you pay someone to do it