Gday fellas

Im thinking of buying an sg and just wonderin what everyones opinion on them whos got em. ive played one before and they sound awesome but there alot of money so yer just wonderin.

ive got a vintage SG and for the money theyre brilliant it cost me 128 pounds and its lasted me 2 years without any problems, the only thing i do to it is change the strings every so often after the strings i currently use wear out a bit. My friend has a real gibson SG and when i play along with mine the sound sounds the exact same.
SGs are good guitars, you could go with the SG Standard. They're pretty good, and compared to other Gibsons, they don't hit the wallet so hard as the others do.
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well i have 2 gibson Sgs one standard and one custom shop. the custom shop was worth every cent. but it leaves a nice size whole in your pocket. it cost me over 4000 USD. my other one is very good and was like 2200 i think.

my band plays a lot of skynyrd. so i have my custom sg that i use for freebird. my other one is just on display. i used it for freebird before i got the new one. the standard was just your average red SG with nickel hardware. my custom is white with gold hardware and has 3 gold 57 plus pickups in it. and a custom maestro.