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Hey again.
I'm an avid hardcore/posthardcore/melodic death metal/metal core listener.
and again I am a Christian.
So I'm not a big fan of the secular hardcore scene.
I've heard of bands like Between the Buried and Me, Shadows Fall and them.
and from what i hear they are excellent.
but I like music that is similar to them but is original and are a Christian band.
I like
-Norma Jean
-The Chariot
-As I Lay Dying
-Underoath [Acts of depression-Define the Great line era]

and i just wanted to know if there are any more hardcore acts like BTBAM that are a Christian band.
EDIT: and what you think of the bands I listed
Please help.
God bless
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between the buried and me and the black dahlia murder = sex
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Ye be wanting some Zao, and possibly Mortal Treason.
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oh yea forgot about glass casket.

it has members from btbam.

gooooood band.
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i could be wrong but i think august burns red is christian and they're very good
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Quote by NoneMoreBlack
death metal and christian? Wtf?

"white metal"

I don't know any actually christian death metal bands though.

All I can think of is Zao..and I don't like them..and they were already mentioned..
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august burns red is christian, they pray onstage before they start their show.

try them, alot of their influence is from BTBAM and the acacia strain.
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August Burns Red is really good.
If you're into really brutal stuff, listen to Impending Doom.
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Black metal is the anti christian one.

I hate the fact Underoath are a christian band but I can't help but like them.
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ugh you kids are so dumb.
all the bands i will list are christian, and i recomend these (and these should help the threadstarter) along with some mentioned above:

Becoming the Archetype:
War of Ages:
Demise of Eros:
Common Yet Forbidden:
The Showdown:
The Burning Issue (not really metalcore but close):

Melodic/Prog Death Metal:

...if you want more, just ask. and tell me what you think about these.
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Why aren't you a fan of the secular hardcore scene? BTBAM is one of my most favorite bands, and I'm a Christian. And, in my opinion, the only Norma Jean CD worth listening to is "Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child", and the others... meh.
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I listen to Vital Remains and I'm I'm a christian
Although I don't really go to church or agree with all it's teachers.