does anyone know much about it as im thinkin about buying one and ive heard mixed opinions if it is rubbish please can you suggest a different guitar for metal under £250 sterling

thanks in advance
ibanez rg 270

spider III 210
generally speaking all LTD guitars under the 400 series arent really too great, bad wood, electronics etc.......there isnt really a great deal you can get for £250, but i think some of the low end schecters or ibanez might be worth a look.
what do you think about the Schecter Damien 6
ibanez rg 270

spider III 210
i think low end ltds are bad until at least the 400 series. go for a schecter
i played with me mates guitar with floyd and for the extra £50 dont think id use it that much and its really hard to re string ive been told
ibanez rg 270

spider III 210
go for a more expensive Ibanes the best you could get for your money and you cant go wrong.
do you know much about maverick i tried out the choas 1 today and really liked it
ibanez rg 270

spider III 210
Ohh maverick are a great reliable company!!!!! serious they make fùcking great guitars man, so If you like it and in your range get it!!
get something by jackson, they always make good guitars, or an ibanez or shechter
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Ibanez S470, apparently the Floyd style trems on those are amazing and arent too hard to restring (I've heard someone can re-string their S470 faster than their Strat)