well, I took some time to learn some solos since i was a bit new to them. the longest and probably the hardest solo i recently learned to play was the solo from "hotel california" by eagles. i learned to play it with almost no mistakes on most occasion, so i brought my guitar to school, and played it in front of my class. well sadly, they werent that impressed, and i the comments i got was mostly "um... i don't know about guitars, but that seems fast playing... is that good??" "I don't know that song" "play a Japanese song" and stuff like that. (maybe it's not my fault, I'm the only one who likes non-japanese songs, and the guy next to me was like "ahhh!!electric guitar!! it's loud!" before even playing...)

well anyway, i decided to learn some famous japanese songs, but since i finished working on hotel california, i need a new goal now. i'm looking for something like this:

-something that should be able to be played in 1-3 months for a person who can play the hotel california solo
-Don't use a lot of effects (I only have a zoom 505II, a n overdrive and distortion pedal. i could use another pedal, but i prefer not getting any new gear.)
-Avoid tapping if possible
-something other than stairway to heaven(i can only play halfway...)
-there is tab/guitar pro on the net, UG if possible

any genre is probably alright for me.

i was thinking enter sandman at first... it seems impossibly fast for me though.

or, should i just learn how to do some tapping, instead of avoiding it for now? I've been playing for about 1 1/2 years, but i'm not progressing well at all at teaching myself, probably because of the lack of practice, and i concentrated more on singing while playing... i'd like to get some advice from experienced players on UG...
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why do you wanna impress those morons you call classmates? they sound ignorant as hell. just do what you want, listen to some of your own music collection and have a go at learning it and if you cant, listen to something else and try that and so on..
enter sandman isnt that fast...learn nothing else matters or something nice and melodic...that usually impresses people
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learn banditos by the refreshments. its really fast and hard to play so what you have to do is get power tab or something and change the tempo to the solo so it is slow and you can learn it piece by piece. i have a good feeling you can learn it because im 13 and i self taught myself about six months ago so if i could learn it you prolly can
Learn something loud and non-japanesse just to piss them off.
Learn some pillows or Asian Kung'Fu Generation.
Good Japanese music.
Do you like anime/manga?
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learn this, they'll love it...


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umm... for 1 1/2 years, sorry but tapping shouldn't be that hard, I say go for it, although you don't use it often you should still know how.

But I say build up skill (like strengthening ring/pinky fingers, muting perfectly, etc.)
modify the godfather theme to where you can play it

search for godfather theme in song tabs.

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lol people in my class are like WOW!!!! when you play powerchords

try a Guns N Roses song
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"Loudness" was an 80's metal band from Japan and most of their solo's are within your grasp I'd bet.
well, Marty Friedman's new album broke top 40 over there, try and learn something off of it. it could be pretty challenging though.
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