I just bought an epiphone les paul ( = D ) but when I play and open A or D string they rattle quite a bit, could someone help me out pleeease?

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you have to loosen the strings to adjust the screws on the bridge (you should be able to do it with your fingers check your hand book for more info)
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Does it have those classic green tuners? Those tuners are fragile and not quite so sturdy in my experience with my bro's Epi Les Paul Studio Plus. If it vibrates, I'd say you either need to take a pencil and rub it in the nut where the string lies or just replace all the tuner all together. On my bro's LP, the G string vibrates and rattles in the nut. I went up to .12's on it, and it's fine. If you have 50-60 bucks to blow, get some new Schaellers or something fully metal.
It's most likely, if not definitely an issue with the tuners. Those classic ivory tuners aren't sturdy. To test it, hold the tuning peg and pluck the string. If it rattles still, then it's the tiny, tiny gap in the nut. If it doesn't, you need new tuners or higher gauge strings.