Take the belts you?ve dealt out,
Crack the exterior of your soul,
This is nothing you can pretend,
This?s not something you can defend,
Feel the rise of the crumbling you,
The betrayal, the lies, the you you defy,
Feel the slap of the truth on your dead frozen cheek,
Never hear the sounds that forced you to weep,
Scratch out the impurities with bare, broken hands,
But never scratch the surface on what?s lurking deep inside,
As what?s left of yourself, suffers and dies
Or what is left hides in the shadows and cries,
The sunlight never shines in the shadowy place,
Full of nooks and crevices you?d prefer to ignore,
You turn your head and close up your eyes,
As they push you and shove you onto the floor.

*Both the title and the actual lyrics are still a work in progress. Just thought I'd ask for some opinions on it. Only constructive criticism please. Thanks in advance.
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