Poll: Which tremolo is the best (Your Opinion)
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3 33%
Flloyd Rose
2 22%
1 11%
I don't know
3 33%
Voters: 9.
I never really thought about it, but most of the guitar manufacturers utilize the flloyd rose trem, but, obviously speaking out of my own kit, kahler trems are easier to use and dont take half as long to set up. i wouldnt of thought many of the younger players would have played a kahler trem 'cus i think the company went bankrupt and re-formed over so many years...i'm not sure. So anyway, what do other people prefer? My kahler is on a 1981 Gibson Spirit (not a dirty headless guitar) abit like an SG, with subtle differences.
i was wondering the same. the guys from judas priest and steve vai and victor wooten use kahler... so...? i dunno.
I could swear that Steve Vai uses an Edge, Ibanez Floyd Rose.
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i'm not a huge fan, but the bald dude from slayer kerry king uses a kahler? i think

Like i said though, they went out of business for quite a while i think.