Hello, im a singer of a band and im about to turn 16. We've been together for about half a year and we take ourselfs very seriously. Our old drummer was quite poor so we got rid of him and stole his drum kit. We got a new drummer and he used the drum kit we stole. Then our old drummer took it back and we ent had a kit for about 2 months now and our drummer keeps saying hes gonna get one but were getting unpatient and wanna start recording. And hes not a sorta drummer you would think "wow, hes well good". We know other drummers so we could replace him. Should we get rid of him or tell him to get a kit quickly or hes out?! Thank You
Okay question, how do you steal your old drummers kit? Secondly I wouldn't deal with a drummer who doesn't have a kit of their own. How are they supposed to practice on there own time, and such.
um, replace him. Thats kinda messed up to kick a drummer out and steel their drum set but any way. Tell him to get a job or replace him.
Give him a week. Then kick him out.

Oh, and don't say you "stole his kit." That doesn't make him sound cool. If he left it at your house after practice one day, you didn 't steal it.
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maybe, one of the people in your band, (other than the drummer) could buy the drumset, if you guys are that impatient, then, the drummer can slowly buy it from him/her (mothly payments or whatever)

and you guys would have a drumset,

EDIT: or get rid of him
I wouldnt just kick him out for that. If its a friend thats the drummer you wont have him as a friend any more i can tell you that. Just think, your 99% likely to NOT make it big therefore, whats a friendship worth.
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give him a certain amount of time to get it, or kick him out, or you could go with agmoney429's idea
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tbh i expect hes pretty wank if he doesnt even has his own kit. How often does he practice ffs once a week?
give him an ultimatum....just say if you dont have a kit in the next 2 weeks your ot of the band or sumthin along those lines
what a jackass, you kicked him out of your band because he was poor..
but if he doesnt own drums..how the FvCK does he know how to play them
wtf. i meant poor at playing drums, f*cking read the post properly you jackass
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wtf. i meant poor at playing drums, f*cking read the post properly you jackass

hey now, lets be a little more peaceful. I had this problem before once, i would just let him go, just tell him, "hey listen, you dont have a drumset, we just cant be a band with someone who doesnt have a kit, I'm sorry dude."
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i had that same problem a while back...and the guy was good and all, but he just wasnt improving cuz, guess what, no drumkit pretty much equals no practice. but on the other hand, you dont wanna lose a friend...so just make it clear, hey, its nothing against him personally, but, as a band, you cant work under those conditions. so if he cant get one anytime soon, youre gonna have to let him go.
something along those lines...
Drums can be expensive and it is hard for teens to get decent gear. However, a starter drum set for a band would cost about $500. I wouldn't spend less than that.

That being said, I think being a serious musician means having serious equipment. That doesn't mean you need to spend every paycheck on gear, but it does mean having adequent equipment... or any equipment at all.

I have a friend who's been "playing" drums for about 10 years. In that time, he has had 2 drum sets. Both of which costs less than $200. One was some really off brand that he left outside (don't ask) and the other was a First Act drum set he got from wal-Mart and put solar cymbals on it. It sounds like ass.

At one time he was trying to get into bands without a drum set at all, but what the hell can you play on? I seriously won't hire a musician that doesn't own the instrument they claim they can play. Also think about this, If they don't own the instrument, how are they suposed to practice?
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