hey im lookin for a smashing pumpkins- cherub rock/ 1979 type sound. I know billy used lace sensors but what kinda of amps did he use? effects? thanks
Those are two completely different sounds. For Siamese Dream, Billy Corgan said "My sound originates from a 1984 JCM 800 Marshall head with KT88 tubes in it. The Pumpkin trick is to plug into the low input of the head and turn the post gain all the way up, using the pre-amp gain as a master volume...I also use a Marshall JMP-1 pre-amp, powered with a Mesa/Boogie 500." He also says he uses Big Muff pedals a lot in that time.
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lace sensors.
big muff original.
thatll give a close sound, but billy is addicted to 3000 dollar rack effects
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I think a Big Muff into a slightly crunchy Marshall gives a great Pumpkins sound, especially if you drive the Muff slightly with a boost or OD pedal. I heard that he uses an old Fender Blender as well, which is basically a vintage (60's/70's i think) fuzz pedal.
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