Hey, i'm new to guitar and am gonna try to teach myself and maybe take lessons. I wanted to know what songs i shud try learning first.

i can play the Hypnotize intro, by SOAD (cuz its easy, a drunken monkey cud play it) and i can play bits of some other songs (chop suey intro).
i'm very noob but want to learn, what r good songs to try? i'm into rock and metal, and severly dislike rap and country (though not much guitar in rap lol if at all). my fav band is SOAD.
try the riffs to end of heartache- killswitch engage, i enjoyed those riffs. Some are a bit hard for begginers, alsdo try nearly any green day song, and the riffs in black label society sometimes?
hmm, well, id reccomend maybe
sweet home alabama, you might not like it but everyone learns that,

or also learn a bunch of blink 182 songs, or maybe some classics

actually, forget what isaid

heres whatu need to learn

Smoke On the Water - Deep Purple
Iron Man - Ozzy
Actually, Diary of a Madman by Ozzy is what you should start learning. Awesome song, everyone digs it and it's really fun to play.
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maybe try some scales....good for the fingers and building strenth...maybe a little boring if your a beginner though.
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hey thx, i'll try to learn smoke on the water, but also maybe aerials, numb, and BYOB, though BYOB will b hell lol.