I got a guitar months ago but now i just don't know what to do with it. I can play tabs but I don't know chords, and chords are so damned difficult to understand. From chord formation to scales to any of those things. They look so confusing. So when I play, I only play a musical mesh of trash and I don't know what's in the right " tone" or whatever. I really want to learn guitar, i really do. And I don't want to let myself and my family down becuase they expected that I would just stop because it got boring or because it was difficult, but where should I go from now? Is there any website/ resource that can make chords, scales, and tone a bit easier to understand? What should I do?

ps. Can't afford a guitar teacher and I couldn't find one in my area anyway.

Also, I have looked at the chord lessons on this site and they don't make it easier for me to learn.
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ok.... i could make a tab of some chords for you if that would help? (if you have powertabs it will be even easier)
I'd start off with some simple three chord songs, such as Hotel Yorba.

Theory wise, check out these links:

Theory - The absolute basics
The next step
What chords are in which key and why
A very thorough introduction to theory

Also, if all that just washes over you, ignore it.

You can have fun, and learn to play the guitar without all that. But, IMO it does help.
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