the other day, i got this ibanez rg470 for like 150 bucks, and it plays great... in standard i keep on trying to tune down, full step, but i mean... i know how, its just, whenever i try to, the bridge gets too loose, and it tends to go out of tune.

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welcome to the joyful world of the floyd rose...

go to the electric guitar forum and i think youll get some good advice there
Try adding an extra spring in the back to stabilise the tuning.
When i first got my floyd rose, i had 3 springs, and it was impossible to tune quickly.
Then i added 2 more springs, and i can tune easily withing seconds again.
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you have to loosen the springs in the back a little...it's a pretty quick process
tune strings
loosen springs
tune strings
loosen springs
tune strings
loosen springs

till you get it to line up evenly
the floyd must be parallel to the body of the guitar
it might pay just to use a heavier gage of string
as this might create the right tension to balance the trem right

thats what i did on my stagemaster