wellat first i was convinced to getting an ac30cc then i really wanted a marshall dsl401. Its guna set me back on cash alot but im pretty sure that i want this:

I love this amps sound!

has anyone used this amp? im buying in about a month or so.....is this wise?
The AD30TC? It's Orange, so it's great. The AD Twin Channel series is really versatile because you have a great range of tones you can use in both channels. For example, you can do a standard Ch. 1=clean, Ch.2 = drive or you can do Ch. 1 = rhythm distortion while Ch. 2 = Lead distortion. The AD gets decently dirty but people tend to use it for the vintage british classic rock tone, a la AC/DC. That is what Orange is best known for.

But yes, I highly recommend that amp. Take good care of it and you will never need another amp.

edit: Are you also planning on getting the Orange PPC 2x12? If you ask me, Orange makes great amps but their speciality is building speaker cabinets. The PPC 2x12 sounds unbelievable. A little too expensive for my taste, which is why I had to go with a combo.
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hey i might buy a ac30 cab along with the orange 2x12 just for some more volume. Will that work?