hi all,

im just a bit curious about hollow body electrics or "Archtops". Why are they made hollow? does it give them a special tone or something? im guessing it gives them an un-matched jazzy tone but i dont know, also iv heard they feed back alot due to trapped air or something.

can someone just explain.

it is basically in between a electric and acoustic guitar (not kwite liek an electro acoustic) it can be distorted, but also has elements of a clean acoustic sound. The hollow body makes it louder when played acoustically and lighter to carry. That help?
The guitar's body resonates well, so it has a loud unplugged tone. Electrified through an amp, the hollowbody creates this distincinve 'airy' and 'boxy' tone. It's hard to describe, but you'll recognise it if you hear it.

Electric guitars of the 1940's and 50's were mostly hollowbodies. Today, most guitars are solid cos they don't feed back as much, but Hollowbodies' tone remains unmatched for Jazz and Blues styles.

Basically, what you thought was correct.
It's still an electric guitar.

They can be prone to feedback in terms of high gain high volume situations...

But it's still an electric guitar. The sound is slightly different, but not totally different. It doesn't sound like an acoustic.
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