Hey guys, this year at my school, me and a couple friends are playing Money by pink floyd for a talent show, we have 3 guitarists, 1 saxophonist, 1 drummer, 1 bassis and 1 that play synth, and I'm the main guitar/singer

I'm just wondering what gear I should get (pedals etc) to get the good song. I'm mainly an acoustic player, but I have an electric, and I can play the song/solo pretty good and I need to buy new gear. Thanks in advance!

BTW, my guitar's a fender telecaster
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Well, Gilmour uses a Fender Strat with EMG SA pickups. I think he uses a compressor for his clean tone, and then maybe a tubescreamer (not sure of this) for a boost for the solo.

I don't think you'll need to buy all that, but I would recommend a compressor for the rhythm guitar.
he uses a tremelo pedal to get that jackhammerish sound once in a while. heads up.
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From: www.gilmourish.com

Stratocaster, bridge pickup
Bill Lewis Custom 24-frets guitar (third solo*)
- rhythm 1/melody; Fuzz Face
- rhythm 2/scat; Fuzz Face
- tremolo guitar; clean signal and Kepex tremolo (rate 80%)
- solo 1; Fuzz Face, delay and ADT (Automatic Double Track)
- solo 2/mid-section; Fuzz Face
- solo 3*; Fuzz Face and delay (manually double tracked)

Stratocaster, bridge pickup
1972 (pre-release)
- rhythm/melody; Fuzz Face (roll back the guitar volume)
- solos; Fuzz Face and delay

1973-'75 (post-release)
- rhythm/melody; Fuzz Face (roll back the guitar volume)
- solos; Fuzz Face and delay
Money was also performed on the Animals tour in '77 as an encore. All details as above
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