like i said thats their old stuff. they have recorded a few new songs but haven't posted anythign yet. thanks for the comments. i'm trying to get them out there because they deserve it.

Not my typical style but it was very good....reminded me of the Killers or sumthing like that....mind criting my short songs? in the sig
Wow, they're pritty good. Not normally what I would listen to. It also reminds me of something like The Killers, Death Cab For Cutie and Motion City Soundtrack joined together. Pritty good.
their new stuff is so much better. that recording is about 3 yrs old. so they sound a little bit diff now.

Yeah i liked this, very catchy and good rythm. The Vocals can't be better and so with all instruments. You could go international.

Go check my friends band.

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