Can anyone tell me how to use the compressor on the Boss ME-50 and what exactly a compressor does because i've never used one before and the manual doesn't exactly explain it very well!!
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If I'm not mistaken what a compressor does is "compress" your sound.

No...really, it does. It pretty much levels up low (as in soundwise, not tonally) and loud sounds so that it's more even. It also cuts off small little noises like maybe your hand sliding on the strings. It does this according to the parameters you set on to it, if sound waves aren't within those parameters they get cut off (eliminated) from the sounds amplified.

I believe that's what it does.
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i'm not sure how to use the specific one on the ME-50

but i think i know what it is

well without going into too much detail...bassicaly a compressor can limit the maximum volume of a signal, this means that there isn't as much a gap between the lowest and highest volume anymore, the benifit of that is that you can turn up the volume and hear the quieter bits without gettin ur eardrums exploded by the louder bits

this is great for using in radio broadcasts, or any portable music, since when you listen to music on the train, or in the car there's alot of background noise, which will drown out the quieter bits of your music, but if you use a compressor to limit the maximum noise (thus making a smaller dynamic range, i.e smaller gap between minumum and maximum output)

i think the main control is the "Attack" control it basicaly controlls how quikly the compressor will respond to the output signal, so a low attak will make for a slow reaction and a less noticable limit of the volume, and a high attack will cut the volume down quiker but will make for a more apparent change in volume, in the same respect its what controlls how fast the signal will revert back to the volume before the compressor came in


that link should answer what i can't
A compressor controls your volume, the basic sense.

It can also make you hold a note for a long time.
It can also be used for a solo to create evenness.

But, if you hear the compressor in work, you are overdoing the compression.