I've decided to drop the 7-string I was going to buy, since my friend raised the price to $700, which is more than I can afford. I've been looking at the Schecter Omen 6 and the Ibanez RG3231MH, since I mainly will play metal (metalcore, nu-metal, death) and hard rock. I will be buying from www.music123.com, since a bunch of people here in Mexico have bought from it and recommended it to me. The Omen 6 is $299 while the RG321MH is $279, even though the Omen 6 will not be available for a couple of weeks at least.

Question is: which one to get? I have heard good things about both of them, and I haven't had the chance to try either out yet, so I am undecided. I would also like to be able to play some softer stuff on it (Foo Fighters, Muse) without it sounding too badly.

Thanks in advance
Schecter is a mean shredding machine.

Very slick, fast, tolerant. It has good balance, but change pick-ups to emg's and there you ave it....

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Schecter as a rule of thumb is better than Ibenaz. And besides, who are you going to support, An American company, or a Japanese company? Id go with the schecter even though at that price range any guitar you buy is going to be an import anyways.
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Also, do you think the Roland Cube 15 is a good choice for an amp ($100 max)?

At this point, I'll try both of them out, though I'm slightly more inclined towards the Schecter.
Im not sure how much the cube 15 costs, but I hear they are superb little practice amps, especsially good for the metal.
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I had the same decision and went with the RG. More comfortable imo, has a coil tap so it's more versatile than the omen 6, and I loved the neck. I'd suggest trying them both out and when you do don't be biased towards one already and talk yourself into getting it. Really try them both out for what they are and see which one you would rather own.

EDIT: Oh, and about the amp: I've heard that the cubes are good although I've never tried one. I have a Vox AD30VT (you could get the 15) and I like it. Metal isn't it's strongest point, but it can do it decently. That could be fixed a little later with a pedal though. Good luck finding the right gear.
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