I play an Ibanez RG570 through a Randall 75 Soild State amp. Now I like my distortion and vollume is good and all that but anyways to my point. I am thinking about getting a BOSS GT-8. Now I want diffrent distortions, effects, a wha wha, and all that stuff but I dont want to go and buy all kinds of effect and distortion pedals to plat around with my sound. So I was thinking about getting the Boss Gt-8 because its got everything I could ever want on there. All the effects and distortions and everything. Would this be my best option or is there a better multi effects out there. The price of the Boss is about as high as I want to go.
The Boss GT-8 is my personal choice. Other options in the same price range (280 - 400).

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Take advantage of Guitar Center's return policy and take them home and try them out.
I like the Vox Tonelabs. A little pricey for the SE though
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