i've been looking for a new amp for quite some time now, and have quite a list of options in mind. i was wondering, is the Peavey Valve King half stack worth the money, or should i buy a nice combo instead...

basically, any advice you may have on the pros and cons of the valve king would be great!

the other guitar player in my band has a valve king half stack, and he really likes it. i used to play combo amps until i tried a stack. i could never go back to a combo. you just can't get the "ooomph" in the low end that you can get with a good stack.
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Valveking combos are alright, but if you want a halfstack don't waste the money with the VK. If you're gonna go big you'll need quality and sound, and that combination doesn't come cheap.
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Buy a good combo, the Valvekings are just ok, and you don't need a stack at all unless you're playing stadiums and huge gigs.

How much have you got to spend on a good combo?
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yeah RHCP is right. (and if you're playing large gigs then youd have enough money to get somthing nicer)

dont buy it. get a nice combo

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If you do get one, I'd just get the valveking head, don't get the cab. It's unbelievable how badly the screw these amps over with bad speakers. I'd suggest getting a Carvin cab; great price, awsome sound.