ok so i already get the idea that squire guitars generally "suck." however i wanna know what you guys think about the squire thinline. it has great reviews, all over the web, even from very experienced musicians. keep in mind its only 360 bucks....
i really actually like squiers. I think people hate them because they are used to their $3,000 gibsons. Anyways, i think the guitar you mentuined above is great for the price......go for it.
First off Squires don't suck ,their easly moded without costing a nut ,teles are alder wood just slightly thinner than their bigger brothers, I just did one that plays better than my 52 reissue
The older i get the faster i was
yeah i actually bought the thinline a few months ago, my first electric. i don't know too much about guitars, what exactly makes the thinline different from a regular squier?
I made some mods to mine ,a Warmoth birds eye neck ,Texas special pups ,new hardware that I aged ,pickguard that I aged with fine steel wool to give it that bakeolite look , I kept the toploader bridge and added brass saddles, the thinline necks are to thin for me ,but they play great
The older i get the faster i was