Hey, does anyone know if there is such thing as an 7-String Ibanez S-series like Ken Susi from Unearth, or would I have to order it custom.
He's saying an S Series Ibanez, to my knowledge Ibanez only does RG series for 7-Strings.
Youcan probably get one Custom Ordered....it would be expensive, but not only can you get the 7 strings...but also your name in the inlays or other bull****.
yeah they stopped producing them, so check e-bay or local stores for there used guitars
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S7320, still in stock. The ZR is supposed to be a great trem, too, so you're getting a lot with this guitar.


There's always the S7420 or S7620, but they're both discontinued.
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There's always the S7420 or S7620, but they're both discontinued.

S7540, or 540S7 to be correct, since it's the old nomenclature. Something like 500 of them were made in '91.

Also, this thread is from '06. Doh.
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