(this doesn't really fit in "bandleading" in my case, but if I was recording with other people then it would... so some bands reading might find this helpful.)

I've never been to a recording studio, so I have no idea about them. I have a lot of questions but basically, is there someone who helps you out there/makes sure you're not breaking stuff? I would have no clue how to use half of the equipment in there. And if they are, how would they know what you want the final product to sound like (do you go into a lot of detail like, "I want to do vocal harmonies here and there, and double up guitar for the rhythm," or do you do a "live band" performance first? Cause I wouldn't be able to do those since I'm a solo guy.)

I know, my writing skills are horrible... that is probably hard to understand. But if anyone could give me a brief overview of what happens when you record at a studio it would be greatly appreciated.
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buying your own mics, hardware, and recording software is probably gonna be cheaper than renting out a studio
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Any bands you're trying to copy/sound like?
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buying your own mics, hardware, and recording software is probably gonna be cheaper than renting out a studio


if you go to a good studio, with some nice guys, it will go exactly as you want it to. they'll just be there to operate the equipment, or, if youwant, to be really involved in the music. ask around, meet the guy(s) from the studio first, and ask to sit in on a session or just take a tour.

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i do soundengineering in which i spend most of the time in a studio.. i havent got to record a band yet.. its a long process to record yer band... you could first do a lil live demo performance to show them what the band sounds like... then you could start with the recording process in which the sound engineers will walk you thru... you'll basically be recording guitar riff loops and drum loops... and the vocalist would have to sing the song loads of time over and over again to get it perfect (so better make yer vocalist prepared for a long session of continous singing) and then the producer and soundengineers would put yer song together using pro tools HD if its a digital studio.. and then they'll mix it and remaster it...
and nothing can beat studio quality, its gonna sound x10000 times better than yer home recording... so its well worth renting the studio!