i saw silverman on vma's say dont do drugs. you think she was being sarcastic and do you think drugs are good or bad? when it comes to creativity.
Drugs make you think differently than you normaly do, so you might come up with different music than you normaly would.

But yeah, don't do drugs, they can, and probably will completely mindfuck you into oblivion... I would know.
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well if you use them in moderation i guess they cant really hurt, moderation could be maybe once a week, but i guess it would also depend on the drug, but dont go using them if you cant control yourself, I'm able to but some people drugs have really screwed their life up.
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drugs are bad.

if you need drugs to write good music then you suck

Well said
donkeypunch: Drugs **** your brain and actually make less creative. I know!!
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from a creativity standpoint, drugs alter your perception so you may think differently and be more creative. sometimes that altered perception is the only way for people to think creatively and come up with ideas. sometimes it can help, other times it probably wont. i know the first time i smoked i came up with a pretty awesome freestyle. the second time, i spent the evening worshipping the pocelin god. havent done it since cause it isnt worth it for me. the whole health and legal problems that can arise from drugs completly outweigh any benefits they might have with creativity, which it may or may not actually help. so what she said holds true, dont do drugs because they arent that helpful and arent worth it.
let me put it this way--brain chemistry is not something you want to mess with. drugs interfere with your brain's self-regulation. for example, drugs that create euphoric feelings function by causing your brain to release the "feel good" chemicals that it produces naturally, called endorphins, in huge quantities. the thing is, that afterwards, the brain becomes dependent on the drug to release endorphins at even normal levels. so without the drug, you'll have low endorphin levels and start having serious depression problems. this is just one example. now some drugs work differently and have different levels of potency or different effects, but they're all basically f***ing with something very delicate that you depend on to function normally--your brain. they all have side effects.
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Well, I am probably going to get flamed. but I am a pothead. I smoke weed literally every day. but I'm really productive, and I feel fine if I go without weed. I do all my homework high take tests high and i make good grades. I kick ass at guitar if I do say so myself too.
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Are drugs good? I'm sorry, not to be mean or anything, but is that a question you even have to ask?

Sure drugs are good, they make you feel good, they help to boost creativity, they help you to enjoy things in a new light. And on the other side, drugs are bad, and its better not to do them.

Think about this, yeah, drugs may help your creativity, but does it help to be extremely creative when you're so messed up you can't even play.

Hendrix thought drugs would help him, and he's dead.
Janis Joplin thought drugs would help her, and she's dead.
Chris Farley thought drugs would help him, and he's dead.
I think Elvis died of OD, but I'm not sure.
Jim Morrison died of OD too didn't he?
Steve Clark(guitarist for Def Leppard) thought drugs were good for him too, until he got so dependant on them that he could barely play anything that he'd written for their album Hysteria(Phil Collen had to do all the hard parts) and later died after the tour.
So there you have it, drugs can help with creativity, they can make you feel good, and they can also screw up your life so bad that you won't have to worry about creativity or feeling good, because you'll be dead.

Today's lesson kids: Don't Do Drugs

Edit: And I imagine that Silverman was being sarcastic. But still, don't do drugs.
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The way I see it, if you really need to completely alter your state of mind to make good music, you need some serious help. It's pointless, too, because chances are you won't remember it or like it when you're sober, anyway.
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if your talkin about weed then it mite help u be more creative and its really not bad for you coke is just gonna make you hyper extacy horny and acid and shrooms could help but probably not heroin ur an asshole for taking cuz ur gonna get addicted ina day but pot really isnt bad for you and does on occation help you to be more creative then again i don't smoke anymore so who knows
Honestly... a music forum is probably not the best place to be asking this question. Musicians tend not to be the brightest people, no offense or anything, and they tend to be lazy about knowing a whole lot about drugs.

Sorry guys, experience isn't knowledge -- if you don't know why cocaine deteriorates bone, you're not informed. If you think you have an informed opinion because you read the most recent high-times funded sociology study trying to convince you that pot's harmless, you're wrong. If you don't know what the real possible side effects of lsd are (hey, you can't OD on it, you can die from it, you can't get locked in an acid trance -- but you can lose a part of your sanity; it does permanently alter your brain structure, but in a manner identical to sleep deprevation, and it does stay in your spinal column pretty much forever), then you're not informed. If you don't know the effects of GHB on the body, you're not informed.

If you're not informed, any advice you give is bad advice. Period. End of story. No need to continue. If you're not informed, then any thing you do is bad for your body.

There was a time when I was real big into drugs -- you name it, I've probably done it. More than once. When I was in college I double majored in music/math, it was a real trip</pun>, since one of the guys I studied with was a chemistry major. We synthed, cleaned, cooked, did, and sold a whole bunch of ****... this was also the period where I bankrolled most of my life gambling in asian bars in LA Chinatown, but that's another story altogether.

For all of the crazy **** that I did, I was super paranoid about what I was doing to my body. It was kind of strange, since I had a bit of a death wish and was pretty much on the edge in everything I did. Always looking for that next big high, and I didn't really care how I got it... bungee jumping, base jumping, skydiving, racing, big ass parties, too many rock shows, and a whole lot of drugs.

But the point really, was that I was always paranoid about what I was doing to myself, especially with the drugs. I was always thinking "You know, I really don't want to go by OD or something that's going to be slow and just suck." So when I wasn't stoned out of my mind -- which actually, was pretty much every day until about 10 at night -- I read. A lot.

Chem guy: You want to try this
Me: What's it do?
Chem: ****s you up.
Me: You know what I mean... *looks it up* Yeah, ok.

The two of us, and a few other friends, use to have a saying... "Do drugs, don't let drugs do you." We saw a lot of people doing drugs that just didn't get that. People would go get some vicodin, slam three or four down with a few shots, and get really ****ed up, do some really stupid ****. More often than not they got hurt.

We knew one guy, he was always around the apartment we lived in, and always coming into the smoke shop I managed, crazy as hell. Boney little black guy with a funny looking ****ed up half ass Don King 'fro. Fool would do some stupid ****... had to call the cops on him once when he came into the store, wanted some free smokes, got pissed off when I said no, and ran out into the middle of traffic stark naked screaming his head off in protest. Turns out the guy had done some heroin when he was younger, long ago in a time called "the 70s," for those of you who know history. He'd been dry for about 10 years, couldn't get anything anymore, but he was still all ****ed up from it. Drugs did him.

Now it should be obvious to anyone, heroin's bad... but if you look at Scott Weilend, you might go "Hey, it's not that bad... I might try it." Drugs did him too, but he's had a lot of support from people around him. If you really want to be scared take one look at Courtney Love's not-so-recently rotted ass. That should make anybody want to stay sober. She's victimized herself also.

I mean, it doesn't take a whole lot of looking around, or looking very hard to see what drugs can do to you. It's pretty scary. But contrary to popular belief, you can do drugs responsibly.

Personally, I managed never to get addicted to anything (quite to the contrary in fact, I hardly even drink anymore). I knew which drugs I could do, which ones I couldn't. I knew how much to take, and what to expect when I did it. I had people I could trust to keep me safe (never do acid with someone you don't trust with your life... same goes for GHB really). I had a pretty good idea of what I was doing before hand, and what it would end up doing to me, and I never did anything I didn't know about before hand.

If you're asking the question "are drugs bad" or "do you think I should do drugs?" Then chances are you're going to do it. You're looking for reinforcment on the issue, and you're looking for social support that it's ok to do drugs. Regardless of what anybody says to the contrary, you're going to get one person who says "Yeah it's cool." And suddenly, they're you're social support. It's ok now. Nothing anybody else says is going to stop you, and you're not going to stop yourself. Whatever your reasons for wanting to do drugs are, you're just looking for someone to ok you on it, so that you can think you're not doing it alone -- people hate doing anything alone.

There are a lot of reasons to do drugs. Personally, I wanted to know what it was like (that may sound really bad, but I'm still convinced its the best reason... I wasn't rebelling, I wasn't trying to punish anybody or hide from my life. I really just wanted to know, first hand). Obviously I just named some other reasons, and there are more. To try and "make you more creative", IMO, is a purely ****ty reason. But that's just me, your motives are your motives, and I'm not really one to try it.

Though I will say, hands down... "because somebody else is doing it", inc. your peers, is a really bad reason, and if that's your motivation I recommend you completely re-evaluate your life, seek therapy for depression, get a new set of friends, change schools/jobs/associations, and have some long talks with your family.

That said... regardless of what I, or anybody else here says, if you're going to do drugs, then you're going to do drugs. We're not going to force you, and there's no way we can stop you. If it's something you want to do, then you'll do it; and if this is something you're asking on a forum, then I get the impression it's something you want to do that much.

My advice, if you finally decide that it's something that you're going to do, is to be absolutely sure you know what you're doing. Know what you're taking, know how to take it, know what it can do to you, and don't let it **** you up. Be responsible, and be armed with the knowledge of what you're doing. Read, a lot... there are a lot of good sites, sometimes surprisingly so, that have good information. Erowid is pretty good, and responsible. Totse, if you want first hand accounts of what to expect. A number of others.

I wouldn't recommend it, really... 10 years later I wish I hadn't done it. But I did, and I lived through it, and I have the experience I wanted and the ability to look back on it, and in all of its wonderful glory think, "For how goddamned smart I was, I was really ****ing stupid." But if you're going to do it, I'm not going to stop you... and if you decide to do drugs: Do drugs, don't let drugs do you.
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Alcohol and write music? After any drugs/alcohol any music I listen to takes a different meaning than before. Alcohol is supposedly safer and is at least legal.
my opinion is that drugs, when used in moderation can aid the creative process or they can hinder it. Personnaly i have two different writing styles a sober writing style and a fucked beyond belief writing style, both of which to me are equally good, but are also tottaly different and yeild different types of results, some people can use this to thier advantage, some people dont know how to control thier drug use (like most of the rock stars mentioned) and should probably either stay away from drugs or stick to less harmful ones like marijuana and LSD.
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from a creativity standpoint, drugs alter your perception so you may think differently and be more creative. sometimes that altered perception is the only way for people to think creatively and come up with ideas.

From my personal POV, you can acheive that same altered perception through other methods. Drugs are the quickest way into it, but they won't have positive long term effects, like meditation would.
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You're not going to come up with anything if you aren't in the right state of mind beforehand - regardless of whether you're high or drunk or tripping.

However, sometimes when I smoke, and I'm thinking, lyrics just come to me and I'm able to manipulate them exactly as I want to. Not that they have great flow, or that they're somehow better than before, but the meaning is completely clear.

If you want to smoke pot for recreation, that's pretty much all it's for. It's not going to help you do anything except enjoy a nice feeling for a bit... sorry mate.
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From my personal POV, you can acheive that same altered perception through other methods. Drugs are the quickest way into it, but they won't have positive long term effects, like meditation would.

im not saying that drugs are a good way to alter your perception, just that they do. personally i dont think that its a good way to do it, but hey, some people find that drugs are their key to creativity. personally i find inspiration and creativity through reading and just thinking, but some people use drugs. that altered perception is some people's key to creativity, and drugs are their key to altered perception. so drugs are the only way they are creative. not the way i do it, but each to his own i guess.
drugs are not bad (not soft ones), but they sure as hell dont help me make good music as good music that i write almost always has sweeps. I dont do any as im an accuracy freak.
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