I'm going to buy a new guitar next month.
I selected a few guitars.

-epiphone les paul standart
-epiphone Ltd.Ed. SG-400
-fender special edition lite ash strat

I play rock (arctic monkey's, red hot chilli peppers, lost prophets,...)
what guitar would you choose? or maybe another one (max 600?)
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For the Chilli's, go with the Fender!
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what amp do you use? and yeh fender would probably be the choice for the arctic monkeys and the chilis
The Fender for the music you play, but play the guitars and decide which one you like best.
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You could posibly get away with a fat strat to cover all of those tones.......purely becaue im thinking about the sound of the single coils with something like lost prophets, thats where a humbucker could come in handy, but then bands like arctic monkeys and RHCP normally use the neck single or an out of phase position...........dunno its just a thought for you to consider.