i use cubase sx and i was wondering if there was any way i could make my m audio usb fastrack my input and making my soundcard my output?
Go to Devices, device setup, then VST audio bay at the bottom. It will ask you which driver you wish to use. Then click on the VST input and output underneath that to pick which to use as input and which to use as output.
alrite i got it to work but im getting to much static and id like the volume to b a little bit higher can u help?
open up the m audio usb interface and change the controls there, when you installed the drivers it should have put a little interface on your pc for you to change the volume and settings. You can have the usb interface open while you have cubase running.
hey guys, took me ages to find a thread on this subject..
i have cubase 5 (dont know if it makes much difference to the other cubases, basically the same layout i assume) and I'm attempting to make my alesis io 26 firewire interface my input and my pc's soundcard my output..

at the minute i can either have one or the other, not both at the same time and I can't see any obvious ways of splitting between the two..

can anyone offer any help?