Something I wrote in about 5 minutes lol, crit for crit?

Soap suds,
Line the tiled floor,
In shapes remarkable,
To footprints,
And she stands,
And slightly shivvering,
Lines steamy mirrors,
In breaths,
She stares;
And tear-ducts fill,
With salt-stained emotion,
And degrading self-esteem,
So 'panda-eyes',
Mark hatred holes,
In something less expensive,
But self respect,
Costs little to achieve,
She's lost it all,
'Monopoly money'
And all that 'bull',
So blood,
Lines the tiled floor,
In shapes remarkable,
To foot prints,
And she lies,
Has anyone ever told you that you are incredibly good with imagery? I don't really see how you would work this into a song, but, either way, its very good. Maybe you should try your hand in writing actual stories or something, because, based on this, I know I would read them.

Not to sound like Im only critting for a crit, but, if you could crit mine when you have time, I'd appreciate it.

And if ever You come near, I will hold up high a mirror.
Lord, I could never show you anything as beautiful as You.