Hey guys you helped me a lot of times before but i need your help once againg. I am still deciding on a band name. So I have some ideas and I want you (yes YOU) to help me decide, i like most of them if i realy like it i will make a mark next to it. so please guys vote and that will be name i will use, if you like part of it but dont like all of it make a sugestion how to change that name, please dont steal any band names. thank you all once againg

1.Night Rider
2.Strange Passion
3.Acid Love
4.Frozen in time- i like this one
5.Cold fire -not bad
6.Ice Fire-almost same thing
7.Rebel Wings
8.Freedom Wings-not bad
9.Freedom Bird
10.Peace keeper-just came up with this one.
11.Wings of freedom
12.Sad Clown-not realy...
13.Fire And Ice-hmmm hope its not taken..but i like it
14.Russian Rebel
15.Rebel for life
16.After You
17.King of peasents (not sure how to spell the second word lol but i like it)
18.Wings of Innocence
19.Reflection from the past
20.Shaddow from the past
22.Life Cheater
23.Fighter for life

well all i can think of now, if none of them are good (wow 25 names and they suck that will be sad) i will have to think more but i think there are some good choices out there. So guys please help me dicide. thanks againg
To be honest I don't really like any of them - they all seem somewhat generic. Still, out of these 25, I like Ice Fire the most.

Maybe try Frost of Embers...

Btw, theres thread for this in the Bandleading forum
It's spelled "Peasants"...and the only one I really like is Acid Love...how about "Massaged by Jesus"? I always got a kick out of that one...and it's not taken, at least not to my knowledge...
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