Hi there.

I'm 90% sure about getting this guitar; heard lots of good things of it on this site and around; I haven't tried it out yet, but I soon will.

I know mostly how great this guitar is for the price (which i've been reading aroud here)

But I'd like to know where the guitar looses, the cons, the flaws of it. So owners and experimented people, tell me what you didn't like about this guitar!!

there are two things i have to say. one is people complain about the range of the trem. not as good as others, but thats to be expected cuz the S's body doesn't allow for a deep FR route. the second thing are the pickups. the INF series leave something to be desired if you have a good amp that will showcase the wood/pickup combo of the guitar.
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yeah, those guys about covered it. it's a stellar guitar.
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I own one, can't put it down.

I only use 22 frets, I've found I never eally needed 24.

Trem range is fine, you can still dive bomb, PH squeels etc.
Well it's basswood, so screw that. (in case you haven't noticed, I don't like basswood much, my fav wood is maho)

S470 is maho.

Well it's pretty thin..so you might break it if careless.
22 frets is a restriction to me.
Less sustain due to thin body
Stock pickups from ibanez as usual.