I played one today through a great amp, but it just doesn't sound good. Not to be ignorant, I tried more than one, thinking it might be just that one guitar, but no, all of them sounded about as good as a $200 Ibanez. So I'm assuming the $700 price tag was because it had Gibson on it? Also, it was very light, which is good, but isn't mahogony heavy usually?
it's light because there's a lot less body than there is on a les paul, a lot of it is cut away.
just out of curiosity, what amp did you play it on?
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It might have been a great amp, but did you EQ it right? Since I like the sound of the Special, but just not its look or playability.
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ive played them it depends on the music you play if you play HEAVY metal or anything aorund there is will sound like **** cause its not heavy and metal pick ups sound like poop, sg's unless they are the extremely high end ones are made for like bluesy/classic rock like ac/dc and stuff not like pantera or stevie ray vaughn< even though you can get his tone u need 11. and .12 strings
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all the faded ones are crap. ive played the faded flying v also and it was worst
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Yup you pretty much nailed it. Low end Gibsons blow.
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cpuld you get better pick ups to make it sound better for like metal stuf?
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I was using it through a Fender Deville, and I don't want to hear "duh that amp sucks for metal" because first of all, with a pedal it owns, secondly, I played cleans, distorted, with pedal and I used different EQ settings that I use on my own Deville that sound amazing on my $350 Ibanez, and it just sucked.
That amp does, in fact, suck for metal. Maybe you just do not like SG's?
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