Hey all. Wrote this short piece tonight. Would like some reviews, comments, crits etc. Thanks.

I see you, and you can't be had,
I know your name, and it isn't mine.
Your perfect smile, not meant for me,
The softest touch, lives on inside.

I've seen winters freeze over in your eyes and
I want your summers etched upon my skin and
A melody of sunshine, ringing in my ears
But you'll never be mine.
No, you'll never be mine.

You're watching me, at a different time.
Your truth won't speak, for fear of mine.
I've got it all, but want you more.
The photo's grey, while we are three.

The time you spent me, chasing a wrong man's dream and
I've had it all, but could give you more.
A confession we can't make, ringing in my ears
But I'll never be yours.
No, I'll never be yours.

The winters home. We'll freeze alone.
The summer sun, won't heal our woes.
A silent smile, to fill an empty void.
But I'll never be yours
And you'll never be mine.

Thanks for reading.