Hey guys,

I have a random question about electric guitar playing. How long it it take for you to get "good" at guitar? I know it takes practice, and everyone has their own definition of good. But you know how long did it take till you could play alot of different stuff, pick it up fast, play cleaner etc.

I have been playing about 1.5 years, practice a decent amount apart from school and other things and seem to be getting a little better now. I can see myself being happy with my playing in another year maybe. What your opinion?
seriously to me, i play like 4-5 hours a day or even night practice somehow. And also like listen to your mp3/cd player anywhere like after school or work etc. think about music everyday lol. Well yeah thats all i can say. I been playing 2 years.
Just an influence.
You never get good.

Go burn your guitar and drop dead.

Unless you are an immortal and can time warp like John Petrucci does, don't bother. Drop dead.

The quality of your practice is far more important than the quantity... how long you practice becomes (almost) irrelevant when you're practicing correctly, because you're progressing, no matter how long you practice, so length becomes less of a factor and something I don't think about.

The length of time it takes you to 'get good' will be directly influenced by how well you practice, not how long. (Saying that.. if you can practice properly for long periods of time, it's going to take less time).

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You never get good.

Go burn your guitar and drop dead.

Unless you are an immortal and can time warp like John Petrucci does, don't bother. Drop dead.

What if he practices his scales?
i've just started getting into guitar this year, so ive kinda started over again with a bit of technique and i to make sure that i know im progressing i get a song that there is no way in hell i can play and in a month or two i try to play it and i can! its a bit of a booster to know that your actually progressing. I go to lessons too, but just for theory because i can just learn songs from the net really.
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Thats really hard to tell, in my case whn i started playing to play guitar, my main goal was to play Nothing else Matters all the way through. I was thinking that i will be satisfied just to knowing that song. After 1 year i learned it completely, but i wasn't satisfied, i wanted then to learn Master Of Puppets, only the rythym guitar, i never imagine tah someday i could play those solos. Now i have 3 years of playing, i know Master Of Puppets entirely with the solos and some other songs of that level, still i'm not feel happy with my playing, i practicing constantly to master Tender Surrender and For The Love Of God, which is a pain in the ass.
It's different for everyone; some people progress faster than others, even with the same practice.

Slow and steady wins the race.
Oh, and the real way to tell how steady you're improving is to think "Could I play this X months ago?"
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