If I buy another stand, and I have a basic accoustic Yamaha, the one with the gig bag (the bag sucks, but that's okay) and nylon strings, is it safe to rest it on a basic guiitar stand, like this:


or, should I buy this one:


(sorry about the Musicnin's Friend reference, but, it's 10 minutes from where I work, they are helpful in all cases, from guitar picks, to strings, to everything, and I don't care at all, for Guitar Center, who only are interested in you if you're actually going to buy something big.)

Thanks for all your help. If I ever figure out the guitar tabs to Dave Essex Rock On, I'll post it.

Both should really do a good job. I prefer the ones that help support the neck as well, no real reasoning to that lol
the first one looks less bulky and wont take up alot of space. my opion would be go with the tubular one
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