Hey all,

I am learning to play the crazy train solo (by ozzy osbourne for those who dont know) and i have most of it down ok excet for the very first part that involves tapping. For some reason, my tapping finger mutes the string too much so that i cant get in the pull offs afterward. Any suggestions on how i might be able to get better at my tapping and pull offs? Thanks in advance!

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But i mean does it only work if you have calluses on that finger? will that take away the muting?
You gotta have lot's of distortion for EVH style tapping to sound good. Just crank the gain and see if it sounds better.

If that doesn't work, than just tap the string harder. If you want to, try tapping with the pick instead of your finger (my personal preference).
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definately use the side of the pick
That's an inaccurate statement. PLENTY of people tap without their pick.

If you meant "use the side as opposed to the tip is you choose to use the pick," ignore the previous statement.
Distortion is thy answer my freind. Then you may tappeth like sir Randy Rhoades.

But on a more serious note just keep practacing and focus on more of the tapping rather then the pull offs, just get each individual section down dont try to rush it.
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ok thanks everyone. im using the side of my pick and its giving me better sound. Plus im cranking up my metal zone pedal and its really helping

Thanks for the help everyone!
more distortion is NOT the answer. If you can't tap cleanly and clearly without the distortion then you can't tap. Using the pick is also not the answer. Using the pick gives a different tone than using your finger and isn't as clean.

Work on a lower string down at lower frets as it's easier to build your technique there. Do a 5 7 9 tap and just keep workign on it until you get it clean and start moving up the fretboard. Tapping is one of the easiest things you can ever learn.