Their set got cut short because of that. I would have been pissed if I was at that show. How can you cut off a great band like At the Drive-In?
you tell me who's better. i think good charlote are better than the bealtes but that's only because their lyrics mean more and they are better musicians.

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Maaaa. You're a sheep lol.
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Oh my God, that was great. I have no idea what the hell he was talking about, but it was great.
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That and drop Q tuning with pig squeels

What the **** was that I just witnessed. And yes, slam dancing is retarded.
what?!! wow, if i were there, i'd be so pissed off! i mean, that deserves like a kick in the face... bitching out you fans? you'd think he'd appreciate the fact that they're there....lol
A about 9 seconds in someone gets nailed in the head with a water bottle. Just thought I'd point that out.
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Was this the "white people" thing?

Sort of old, bro.

no cedric gets pissed when people are hardcore dancing

what i dont get is why people were hardcore dancing at at the drive-in
"You didn't learn that from your friends......you saw that on t.v. ....."

...As I preach to you and fill your head with ideas that "slam dancing" (it's not the 80's anymore Cedric) and being white are bad.

He's just mad because his band sucks.
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Their set didn't get cut short, they walked off, and no one there was really a fan of ATD-I, they were all pretail nu metal fans.
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Was this the "white people" thing?

Sort of old, bro.

Well it IS At The Drive-In we're talking about...

And yes, that was completely brilliant. Although I can't say that without being hyprocritical about it because I do enjoy slam dancing a lot.

But that was still sweet, and funny too lol
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It's hard to make out exactly what happened, i'll just assume he had a good reason to get upset.
But whether something did happen or not, Cedric does sound like a little bitch here. And he seems to be directing his anger towards the entire crowd, while most of them appeared to behave normally. Then he turns it into a racial issue... misbehaving at concerts and copying behavior from MTV really isn't something that only "typical white people" do.
Thanks for wasting everyone's time with a pointless post.

And it was a joke, people make jokes to entertain others, they often incorperate sarcasm in these "jokes."
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