I was surprised that there wasnt a thread like this already. I searched and the closest i got was "Traveling Wilburys Theory"

Anyway, I guess this thread is just like all the other threads about specific bands. Share your favorite songs, albums, and any questions you might have.

Ill start it off by asking if anyone knows when or if theyre albums have been put out on CD yet. Every store Ive checked hasnt had any.
More than likey there's CD remasters hanging around somewhere.

I've only heard 'End of the Line' and 'Wilbury Twist'. I liked those two, but never really looked much deeper.
"handle with care" is the best song

I'm just waiting for the George Harrison estate to finally allow the CD to be rereleased after it went out of print when he died.
I like what I've heard..."Last Night"
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I have one of the Wilburys' albums, Volume 1, I believe. I'm a Petty fan so I enjoy the album. Petty played Handle With Care when I saw him in 2005, which was very cool
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The Traveling Wilburys will go down in history as one of the best, if not the best, short lived bands. With a chance meeting that caused the formation of the band, to the worldwide acceptance of their music, to the death of the "key" band members and the suicide of replacement Del Shannon this was a tragic band to say the least. Lawsuits that has stopped any further releases in the US, even though the band still has a website and the remaining members still refer to themselves as "Wilburys".
The only way to enjoy their genius of music now is to find a domestic used copy or an Import (legal from from countries that had production releases from the beginning) and from one bootleg commonly known as vol 4 1/2 (a Russian release) neverless a great sound quality release.
I have researched many years and found a total of only 7 or 8 really well produced CD's with just about everything the Wilburys recorded.

So Im guessing this guy has done his research....lawsuits prevent the cds from coming out. I guess theyre rare because the first CD is $74.53 CDN
I still say my theory would be a really cool thing to do with The Traveling Wilburys. Just a thing that gets passed down through the generations.
go to amazon.ca

theyre pretty expensive though.

edit: the cd's are expensive. amazon is actually pretty cheap