alright, im getting one of these and id like some direction on which one is the best

Takamine GS330S - $300
Samick Beaumont OM 7 - $252
Art & Lutherie GT - $250
Alvarez RD20S - $230

basically id like to get the cheapest best one...but most guitars...the more you spend the better quality..but now always...input please?
I don't know what it is, but I've seen quite a few punk rockers using Alvarez guitars, so if nothing else, those can take a lot of abuse. Out of those brands, from what I've gathered, Takamine has the best reputation. I'd also recommend Epiphone. It's a little pricier, but worth it. Also, Rogue has some really nice guitars that are actually considerably cheaper than those listed. They're a lot more reliable than their price would lead you to believe. But out of the ones you've listed, I'm going with the Takamine (I forgot to mention, it's also the only one I've played out of those listed, as well).
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hmm well I have a GK..not sure about it but I bought it from a guitar dealer down here. and it played REALLY well. Like..amazing sound for a 250$ guitar but I'm also a lefty..so it would be less (just thinking your a righty)