Okay, I have three spst switches. Can I wire a three pickup guitar to have individual on/off switches for each pickup? Can someone show me a diagram? I cant find one that uses two prong spst switches. I know its possible, but I dont know how to do it.
you just wire one side of the spst switch to the pickups red (or hot) wire and connect the other to where the power wire normally goes. piece of cake.
well you could just short the power wire to ground instead then, i get what you are doing now. so you're going to hook up the power wire to where it goes AND also to the spst switch, then connect the other side of the spst switch to ground, that will effectively remove it from the mix.
Umm... I guess that would work. But I'm taking out a 5 way switch. If I have 3 wires soldered to the same place (volume pot,then tone pot) and I solder that to three switches I'd just have three kill switches and a bunch of pickups that worked at once. I need to do it before its wired to the volume pot. I think anyway....
you dont need to take out the 5 way if you wire it like i said, plus you can use it as a killswitch if you'd like, so id keep it if i were you, im problably going to do this to my strat that i get on wed, it makes it that much more versitile.
but why take it out, it only leaves a hole behind, what could be the benifits of taking it out?
No, I'm putting the switches where it was. The benifit is each pickup can be turned on or off. It gives more options plus I can use one as a kill switch if only one pickup is on.
but then you have to take out the 5 way, and if you leave the 5 way in you wont have to rewire alot of stuff only put swich on the hot lead to ground, you wont have to change how it is wired so when all 3 switches are on your guitar is normal, but hey if you really want to take it out you can wire all of the pickups to your respective tone knobs then to your volume and out to your jack.
That dosent make sense. (btw, all the stuff is out of the guitar already.) I want to put these in place of the 5 way. With the 5 way its wired Pups>volume>tone (btw, I use a master tone).

But are you saying wire the hot wire to one terminal on the switch and the ground to the other?
It's easilly done, but with SPST's, it's dodgy. It's gonna sound like an unplugged lead when all three of the switches are in the off position.. You really need DPDT's, they can have a silent "kill" mode when all switches are off. I've drawn both anyway. The pickup's grounds can go to the back of the volume pot as normal.

These go to eleven...
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Thats what I was worried about. Crap, I cant get back to Radio Shack. I guess I'll just deal with them untill I can do something better. So there is no way to ground an spst?
I'm gonna go to my local radio shack (I was out of state when I bought them) and buy some DPDT switches.
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